i think i am coming out of hibernation. i've been out round the garden having a nose at the various tiny shoots and i'm now allowing myself to believe that the last of the snow -- well, i don't want to tempt fate!
the end of winter means unearthing the random pack of seeds i bought as a wiggly bargain sometime when spring seemed very remote indeed. i've taken a new tack this year and decided that whatever i got in the pack, i would grow. seems like i still don't have much work till april apart from general pottering and repairing a collapsed fence unless the uk is struck by a heat wave. worse, i'm harbouring a strong desire to grow pumpkins and squash and they don't go in for ages yet!
sunflowers are on the list this year too -- my jerusalem artichokes in pure home compost reached stupendous heights last year so i'm thinking of a skyful of yellow.

which makes a nice change from grey.

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