Some handy tips to help keep your flower arrangements fresh over Christmas

What could be nicer than a beautiful arrangement of flowers for the festive season? Here are some top tips to keep your blooms looking tip top.

    • Always make sure that no leaves are below the water level in the vase as rotting leaves will pollute the water.


  • If your flowers get a bit droopy they can be revived by adding one aspirin to every pint of water.



  • Don‚Äôt let your arrangement get too warm, which will shorten the life of the flowers. Places to be avoided include in direct sunlight, near a fire or radiator and definitely not on your television.



  • Avoid placing flowers near a fruit bowl as the gases given off by fruit prematurely age flowers.



  • Remove any dead flowers within an arrangement as these too emit gases which can affect the remaining blooms.



  • To keep the water in your vase fresh you can add a piece of charcoal or some ceramic beads.


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