Some gems of wisdom from the Wiggly Team...

“Ice in November to hold a duck, the rest of the winter will be nothing but muck!”
To keep cats off your flower beds place teabags sprayed with a muscle/deep heat solution. Cats don’t like the smell so will no longer choose your flower bed as a toilet area.
Fashion your own seed scoop from an old plastic milk carton (see San modelling her creation above)
Be water wise – re-use your soap suds to water your spuds.
Use lemonade instead of water to keep your flowers fresh. You can also use vodka in your to vase to stop algae growing.
Drink the vodka and lemonade!!!!
and finally, for the benefit of our managing director, Rach (a farmer’s wife no less!)
Always release the handbrake on the JCB to enable forward and backward motion!!!

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