Shiitake Mushroom Log Q and A's

What is it about Shiitake Mushroom Logs this week?
So far I have had 7 emails about Mushroom Logs . Here are the Q and A's that I can remember in case you need to know about mushroom logs too!

Q. Do they come with individual instructions?
A. Yes they do.
Q. Even if I get a pack of three?
A. Yes.

Q. How are they inoculated?
A. The oak logs are cut in the winter, and then inoculated. Mycelium from the Shiitake mushroom is grown on sawdust under laboratory conditions to avoid cross contamination, and it is this mycelium laden sawdust that is pushed into holes drilled into the oak logs and left for several years.

Q. When will they fruit?
A. The exciting option: Shock the logs to initiate fruiting by either knocking one end of the log sharply on hard ground and totally immersing it in COLD rainwater (the icier the better!) for 48 hours.
The boring option: Place the log in a sheltered, shady spot and lightly cover with plastic to increase humidity, a shopping bag is ideal. Logs should start fruiting within 1 - 3 weeks, forming in 'flushes'. Remove the plastic cover once fruiting has started.

Q. How many will Wiggly Wigglers sell in December (asked San from Wiggly Wigglers who is in charge of stock?)
A. Can I answer this one in January I wonder?

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