Several good old Rows this week at WW

Ricardo is back in the office this week after his 6 week convalesence period post falling off his perch. To listen to the sorry (but very funny) story in detail have a listen to podcast 52

As usual we have had some enthusiastic debate in the office ranging from Heston Blumenthal's Fish and Chips, through cutting down on Air Travel, Climate Change, and to cap it all a very heated argument on the pro's and con's of domestic cats! This corker was recorded on air on the Wiggly Sofa and so to listen in you'll have to wait for Podcast 60.

However the point is that Ricardo is not a big cat lover (well he probably does like lions and tigers) its just cats like my cat Noah that he has it in for.

OK, there's no doubt about it Cats kill birds. However look at this from the RSPB:

"Despite the large numbers of birds killed, there is no scientific evidence that predation by cats in gardens is having any impact on bird populations UK wide. This may be surprising, but many millions of birds die naturally every year, mainly through starvation, disease, or other forms of predation. There is evidence that cats tend to take weak or sickly birds." For the complete RSPB article read more here.

And not to forget that cats are great at controlling some less desirable pests as well as giving a lot of folk a lot of pleasure.

So what can we do about these issues;
Keep cats inside more, especially early in the morning when most birds are taking the most essential meal of their day.
Feed the birds where they are inaccessible for the cat and also where the cat has no cover from which to pounce.
Feed the birds. Feeding the birds will boost populations. Full Stop. Having a cat is no reason to stop feeding our feathered friends, we just have to think harder on how to ensure we have implemented good deterrents.

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