Sail Away with me...

It's always important for us at Wiggly Wigglers to try out our products but I have to say when we started to sell Ecover I wasn't that keen. I liked the blurb...
Ecover is an international company active in the production of ecological detergents and cleansing agents. It was founded in 1980 in Belgium. Ecover has been a trendsetter from the very start: as a pioneering company, it marketed a phosphate-free washing powder even before phosphates were branded as a problem.
But, what dear heart if your whites come out grey... or you smell just a bit off... and people can't bear to say...
But there were three things that changed my mind.
1: Mrs Dowell in our office uses it (and her whites are white)2: I tried it myself and Farmer Phil did not complain..and3: The highest rated B and B in Shropshire (according to Tripadvisor) uses it herself (Karen Thorne Hopton House B and B)
Here's what she said...I run a luxury B&B with lovely white sheets so have always avoided green products. However I decided to give them a go. I'm now very happy with Ecover Laundry Liquid which I use when the washing is quite dirty ( otherwise I use my ecoballs )]
So that's it - I have been powered by nature since then!
Anyway turns out Ecover have a racing yacht and invited both San and myself from Wigglys to be the fifth man in the Extreme Sailing at Cowes! Whoohooo! (Must be spending too much!)
Along with us went Rach (who had a lovely bus ride round the Isle of Wight as we lived it up on the yacht and at the bar) and also the team from So Organic and Jamie and Jonny from one of our favourite companies - Abel and Cole! (Good Buzzy Bee event lads!)

Before we got on, the tune "Sail Away with me honey..." was gently playing in the back of my mind...
Once on board with Mike Golding, two Olympians and "Animal" it ranged from "Eternal Father strong to save" to "Hold on Tight to your dream..."!!!

Things got quite hairy out there... I'm not entirely sure of what was going on but I know this: One boat crashed.Our boat sails started making a noise and our boys had a bit of a rumpus about this and the twirly thing (I think)There was some waving of flags and shouting.The boat tipped from this side to that and our job was to crawl from one side to the other and try not to get in the way!Tacking was less violent than jibing...and lastly it was FAB! A mixture of speed, salt, beer, freedom and friends. A very good day!
PS: Thank you to Ben from J P Morgan who gave the three of us a lift to the fish and chip shop in Southampton too!!!
PPS: If you would like to be powered by nature too you can get all your ecover supplies from here (!)
PPS: You can pronounce ecover as follows:Eee coverEh co Verrrehco VerrrDoesn't seem to matter!

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