Royal Lunch

I'm not generally too keen on bus trips - generally its either a grip the seat and look down experience - such as the bus transfer from Lyon to Val Thorens. This ended up with 2 smashed bus windows, and a near mutiny of the passengers....... So if its not the hurtling kind, it ends up being the trundlebus. The bus that goes slower than any other bus and the bus that goes round to Gloucester instead of going over the Severn Bridge to save a tenner. Anyway how can you say no to a bus trip to lunch with Prince Charles? You cant, and so that is why I found myself on a bus trip to Bath on Monday with all the other Duchy tennants from the Eastern District. Sounds strange to be the Eastern District when we are so far west in England that we are next to Wales. But when the option is Cornwall and Scilly you can understand why.
Had some interesting talks on the way with the other farmers who 's enterprises were really varied, and I had a good chat with Prince Charles about........yes you've guessed it Podcasting and farming and natural gardening. He continues to encourage farming from generation to generation, he is completely enthusiastic about organic produce and awarded the Duchy prize for habitat - details soon.

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