Rome 1 must have been built in a day

I was pleased to get the opportunity to lobby the MEP's in Brussels last week on the subject of Rome 1.

Rome I is the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on the law applicable to contractual obligations in civil and commercial matters.

The Regulation would update the Rome Convention 1980 and aims to promote compatibility between conflict-of-laws rules for achieving the objective of mutual recognition of judicial decisions acknowledged in the Vienna Action Plan.

Essentially, as far as I can see if this new regulation goes through without an amendment it would drastically reduce consumer choice. It would certainly mean the end of trading online in Europe for many small businesses. If this regulation goes ahead every company who supplies consumers within Europe will need to spend upwards of £6000 on getting all the rules and translations correct for each and every country that they trade in, even though the consumer is fully protected already! For more details see the Federation of Small Business report.

If you are a small business trading business to consumer, I suggest a word with your local MEP might well be very useful. Meanwhile Andrew Cave from the FSB is busy in Brussels lobbying on our behalf. Many thanks and good luck Andrew.

By the way the sculpture is to show how the countries mesh together...

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