Recycling Miles

What a great new term coined by Jane's Blog
as she decides whether or not to Bokashi!

Recycling miles are often ignored in our quest to be green (or not).

Carting waste around the countryside is really bad, but I think we have yet to consider the best way of recycling our green waste. Its true in many parts of the World that you can send your green waste and kitchen waste to a central composting facility. This may be better than landfill but to me it is so much better to deal with this resource at home in our own gardens.
First of all with the combination of making leaf mould and compost you can become completely peat and coir free, and need never buy anymore compost again. Secondly you can end up with free liquid fertiliser for life, and thirdly we aren't carting our waste from here to there, to buy it back again as soil conditioner!!

Heather Rant over!

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