Rare breed pigs become rare breed pork

The news this week is that the Wiggly porkers have now become oven sized joints. Heather and Farmer Phil decided that they would like to keep traditional pig breeds and originally purchased their two porkers from Home Farm in Gloucestershire, The Duchy of Cornwall’s organic enterprise.

The team at Home Farm rear traditional breeds and Heather and Farmer Phil eventually chose a Tamworth pig and a Large Black pig. Rare breeds of pig are often overlooked in large commercial enterprises, but at Home Farm they are valued for the quality of their meat.

The pigs spent a lovely time in their Herefordshire field, running over to the gate for fruity treats and proved a real hit at the Open Farm Sunday and Wiggly Days. When their “time was up” they were taken to Griffiths Slaughterhouse at Leintwardine, who are also award winning butchers (A H Griffiths) and famed for their sausages. The empty pig field looks like it has been ploughed and is strangely quiet.

On the return of the pork, Farmer Phil set up a mini Farmers’ Market in the kitchen at Lower Blakemere Farm and over a couple of days staff were seen leaving with large bags of sausages and various joints (of the meat variety!).

There has been much discussion at Wiggly Wigglers about the delicious tasting meat, proving, if proof were needed, that free range meat and outdoor reared meat have a far superior flavour.

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