Pterodactyls and tatties

My veg plot, which was going so well earlier in the year, is now in tatters. My potatoes have blight and my turkeys (which look and behave like pterodactyls) broke into the veg patch and ate all the tops off my carrots, trampled over the tomatoes and pecked holes in my marrows (ouch!). I have a feeling that, at this rate, pterodactyl may be on the menu before the festive season!

However, having said that, we had some fabulous salad leaves, the sweetest peas and, because I was late sowing, we are looking forward to our first picking of runner beans very soon. I have had a peep in the book “How to store your garden produce” for tips on how to store what the turkeys haven’t destroyed. Luckily they don’t seem to like parsnip tops!

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