Podchef's Top 5 Wiggly Podcasts

Better late than never - I stayed at a Thistle Hotel while attending Podcastcon.
They hadn't got my room ready (despite arriving at 11.30 at night), I couldn't make the heating work, the iron didn't go at all and the internet connection was so slow I gave up!

Anyway here is the fabulous Podchef's Top 5 Wiggly Podcasts;

Neal Foley, aka Podchef….
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"A little bit about myself
Aged 38, Virgo, Married with 5 children—ages 6, 10, and 13. I am a podcasting chef, farmer and sustainability advocate. Host of The Gastrocast, a podcast about food, cooking and the politics of what we eat. I love growing my own food, knowing where it comes from, giving it a story and serving it to people who will appreciate it. I hate Government Beauracracy which adds oppressive layers to an already difficult job—the small farmer or small holder.
I am absolutely besotted with my chickens and two dogs. Born watching Monty Python, listening to Pink Floyd, and living in an Irish community I am a devout Hibernia-Anglophile. I’ve lived in Dublin, Cork and rural Kent.

A bit about my Garden: Because we live on a small island we are always at odds with gardening. Roses bloom much of the year, but our soil is shallow with rock just underneath so growing things is hard graft. We aim for a very natural, cottage garden feel. We’ve tried the formal look, but just can’t pull it off because at the very point any garden needs its most work—the summer growing season—we’re the busiest.
We’ve had to re-define what we call weeds—they are now, native wildflowers. . . .We grow everything as organically as possible, but are limited in our selection due to growing season. Everything we do grow is geared encouraging native birds to linger. Photo of the Garden in summer:

Number One Wiggly Podcast
I can’t necessarily say I have one absolutely favorite Wiggly Podcast. But I do have favorite themes. The First in my top 5 would have to be The Hedgerow Row. This is classic and one of the things which keeps me coming back week after week, looking forward to the show, wishing I could visit on the Wiggly Sofa for longer. Not only is the Hedgerow Row informative on a topic few Americans know much about, or give a toss over, but it is hilarious! Because of this topic we will be implementing a hedgerow program on our farm as soon as we can.

Number Two Wiggly Podcast
What else but another Row—the Supermarket Row. This sort of show, again a classic, opens eyes and causes people to stop and think. The podcasts around this topic were lively and informative and damn funny. Very few programs on traditional radio bring such life to topics like this. For me these were sterling moments from the Wiggly Sofa.

Number Three Wiggly Podcast
I would have to say, third on my list is the Cowshed at Night podcast. Again, groundbreaking stuff. Not only in terms of concepts for Wiggly Wigglers, but also in the realm of podcasting. More people need to be in the cow shed at night, to know what goes on, to smell the smells and feel the warmth of the beasts. Connectivity these days is measured in bandwidth, but what is missing in today’s world is connection to the rural environment and the source of our food. In the Cowshed at Night episode the Wiggly team helped bridge the two.

Number Four Wiggly Podcast
Again, not necessarily a specific show, but a topic. The information you provided about Bokashi and EM was a revolution for me. Beyond just a marketing device for your own products, or elaborate “infomercial”, your discussions and explanations of Bokashi and EM led me to research the product and become heavily enthusiastic about the topic. The other key to this topic is that the Wiggly team didn’t just mention it once and cherrio, but revisit it from time to time providing more information and depth to the topic. Thanks much.

Number Five Wiggly Podcast
Episode #53 Pheasant Shooting. This deserves to be in the top 5 because it’s a titchy subject and the discussion was frank and informative. More people need to get a clue and realize that a well managed shoot is part of proper management of the land. I suppose it is much more a heated topic in the UK than here in the States where organized shoots are rare and we could well do with proper game management on our farms and public lands. Pleeeese bring us the audio from the shoot and keep on this topic during the winter. I don’t shoot, but wish I had the opportunity to participate, if only to get in on all that delish game. Also in this episode Farmer Phil reveals hidden culinary depths in his knowledge of nettle cuisine. Great Stuff.

Keep up the great work. The Wiggly Podcast is something I look forward to each week. It is the perfect start to my Monday Morning."

Many thanks to Neal - and listen out for his comments on this week's show about nettles and whatever you do carry on listening past the end for a very funny outtake...
To listen to any show go to through the link on the right and get into our new and VURY fancy Podcast archive. Enjoy

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