Podcastcon was the Biz

This year as podcasting has moved on so to did Podcastcon

I was invited by Alex of SmallBizPod on the panel with Tom from Lonely Planet.

I enjoyed his talk about podcasting and Alison says she has listened to a couple of the shows and they made her want to go to the destination! Howt about that for a measurement. Guilluame du Gardier explained how the sticking point for large companies when discussing implementing podcasting is... measurement/ROI and sales.
Just the jolly job me thinks.
If you are a small business with a good story and an enthusiasm to want to share it - podcasting is a great tool. Even better bigger business finds difficult to understand and invest in.
Small business gets it (well lots did at Podcastcon).
I think if you have a conversation at your workplace that is worthwhile to all the parties involved why not put it out as a podcast so other folk can enjoy it. If its good, and they like it they will become more involved with you as a company (for all corporates reading this I expect one calls it Brand Building!) If that listener becomes more involved they are more likely to buy off your business and stay loyal. That's the measurement, the ROI and the sales sorted. That was the gist of the day last Saturday, as proved by many fellow podcasters.
For more Wiggly mentions and more about Podcastcon try here:

We're a case study in Prowess' latest report which was launched at the Houses of Parliament last Wednesday with Margaret Hodge.
which then made an article about Rural Women in Business in the FT
Lastly, enjoy this Book Review - I did.

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