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I'm pleased to say that The Wiggly Podcast is starting to get noticed....
We had a great review on The Podchef's Podcast
Despite Bokashi Buckets being available in the US he heard about Bokashi on the Wiggly Podcast and has since started fermenting his kitchen waste with it so we'll hear how he gets on. By the way the podcast takes you through him cooking a whole recipe live in his kitchen - and its great fun. The wiggly Empowered Bokashi bins have just been reviewed in Country Living by Stephanie Donaldson who has had 2 buckets for the past 3 months in her kitchen and is getting on great guns.
Thanks to Brian for the following comment:
And just to say that I'm one of the countless fans of the Podcast which has to be amongst the most entertaining and genuinely interesting Podcasts I'm subscribed to. Thanks very much for taking the trouble to put it together and make the content truly worth listening to.
Thanks, Brian
and if you missed the hedgerow row it just continues on.....(podcast 16)
"re the cutting of a hedge. I have cut many in my time and have never seen any loss in habitat due to cutting every year.
I think cutting every three years or so does not make: a. a good stock barrier or b. a thick hedge. (sorry Richard) We had hedges we could only cut when conditions allowed, some years we could not get near enough because they were wet or very wet, and they became very "open" not good for any bird. Dave"


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