Podcast Number 48 - Show Notes

Show 48 - September 11, 2006
This week's summary

Phil and Heather have a quick chat about the Hedgerow Row in the office and then discuss all things ploughing, including that great English tradition The Ploughing Match. We move up to the house where Richard is hosting a Wild(life) Night. It's a warm, late-summer evening in the Wiggly Garden and Mike Coleman, Herefordshire's leading expert on native bats, brings along a machine that lets humans listen in to bat sounds! And, although it's after his bedtime, Monty wraps things up with another worm fact.

2:09 Farmer Phil explains ploughing
6.05 In the garden with Richard at Wiggly "Wild" (life) night and Mike Coleman from Hereford Mammal Society listening out for Bats.
14.43 Mike Coleman turns the Bat Detector on and listens to the Common Pippestrelle and talks about bats.
19.40 Noctual Bat sounds from 300ft up in the air.
21.43 Richard and the guests walk up the farm track
22.26 The latest review on the Wiggly Podcast from Guppy's random ramblings
23.14 Monty's Weekly Wormcast
23.35 Its a wrap
23.48 The extremely funny outtakes!!

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