Podcast 62 Show Notes

Here's a view from the Wiggly Sofa at Blakemere many years ago.

A hectic visit to the Wiggly Sofa this week for a show in three halves! First up, it's a dark and stormy night as Farmer Phil harvests his sunflower seeds in the rain. Then it's off to a Bokashi using foodwaste composting initiative, in Hackney of all places. Finally there's a trip to the splendid surrounds of the Grosvenor Hotel to listen in as Fiona Bruce hosts the Farmers' Weekly Awards for 2006.
Unfortunately there's no time for any feedback about Richard's anti-cat rant.
0.00 There's no damage done to Richard's car... Farmer Phil reports!
6.01 Combining Wiggly Sunflowers in the middle of winter - Ricardo and Farmer Phil report.
11.47 An interview with Jane from East London Community Partnership who use Bokashi to compost waste on a large scale in Hackney.
19.20 Find out how we get on at this year's national Farmers Weekly Awards.
27.01 Hear about Andrew and Sally Jacksons' Pink Pig!
29.11 Feedback from Greg Given on the Cat Rant Row

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