Podcast 56 Show Notes

Monty "recording" his Weekly Podcast in Sun Studios Memphis

Show 56 5th November 2006

This week's summary

Heather and Farmer Phil recall their trip to Tennessee where they followed the story of cotton, but in reverse. Plus, in a sneak peak from next week's episode, Heather gets to meet one of her heroines, Anita Roddick, and gets a tongue lashing! All wrapped up with another Wormcast from Monty.

0.00 Intro from the Wiggly Sofa

2.05 Feedback from listeners with our first One Star review and two Five Star reviews

5.43 Heather's train story...

7.26 Susan Thomas emails about subscribing to a podcast

8.34 Southern Sayings

8.51 A squirrel warning

9.40 The Tennessee report from Farmer Phil

11.59 Farmer Phil's report on Growing Cotton with thanks to Tracey Sullivan from the Agricultural Institute at the University of Tennessee, Wayne Tritt from Zion Cotton Gin and Farmer Bradley from Brownsville

25.13 Wiggly T'Shirts may be cool in the village - but what does one of the most successful business women think? Heather interviews Anita Roddick.

27.17 Monty's Wormcast

27.17 New signs at Wiggly Wigglers...

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