Podcast 52 Show Notes

Show 52 - October 9th, 2006
This week's summary

Heather, Rachel and Farmer Phil are back on the Wiggly Sofa, discussing recycling newspapers and the toxicity of Phil's favourite weedkiller. Heather also visits a recovering Richard at home to take a look at the scene of the crime.

0.00 Intro from the Wiggly Sofa
2.39 The Wiggly Piano
2.54 The Richard Report featuring the very broken wooden ladder
9.55 Rach demonstrates a newspaper Logmaker
17.17 Farmer Phil chats about harvesting sunflowers and the effect acorns have had on one of the cattle
19.34 Launch of the new Wiggly Catalogue
20.08 Listener feedback from Gwen and Martin, and Farmer Phil talks about Round Up Glyphosate and Wetters
25.28 A welcome to all new Wiggly Team Members
26.04 Wiggly T'Shirts are cool in the village - apparently!
26.44 The results of Rach's logmaking
29.53 Bye from Wigglys
29.05 The results of Richard's logmaking - the BEST ever Wiggly Outtake.

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