Podcast 50 Show Notes

Show 50 - September 25, 2006
This week's summary

Featuring part two of Richard's report from the 2006 EM Festa and Conference. Richard meets Percy Schmeiser, the man who played David against the Monsanto Corporation's Goliath. Of course, this is real life so Monsanto won... but beating up on a softly spoken 73 year-old Canadian farmer was never going to be more than a Pyrrhic victory. Or so we hope.
Plus Phil is visited by the Boys in Blue (well, one of them was a girl) and Alison has some tips on getting ready for the hedge planting season.

0.00 geek.farm.life shout out
0.28 The team celebrate The Wiggly Podcasts' first Birthday.
2.36 Richard at the EM Festa talks to Percy Schmeiser about GM and his court battle, and the affects that GMO's have had in Canada already. He explains exactly how there can be no co-existance with GMO's and conventional or organic farming.
14.29 The Boys discuss GM.
22.06 The latest iTunes review on the Wiggly Podcast.
23.45 The Boys and Girls in Blue come round for Farmer Phil.
27.66 Alison explains how to prepare for planting a native hedge
35.57 Outtakes..........

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