Podcast 49 Show Notes

Show 49 - September 18, 2006
This week's summary

Episode 49, in which Richard wangles a jolly to Bavaria but gets lost at the airport and has to study lots of blondes (both the female and beer varieties). Originally intended to be a special report from the 2006 EM Festa and Conference (held on the island of Fraueninsel in lake Chiemsee) the show gets out of hand and so becomes the first of a two-parter. Richard finally meets Dr Usmani and learns about her revolutionary post-operative treatments for breast cancer using EMs. Monty wraps things up with a worm fact that's not about a worm!
PS Surely this isn't the first podcast ever to feature a performance on the Alphorn? (Alphorn played by Arkady Shilkloper.)

0.00 A listener complaint from Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand Podcast
1.17 Heather on the Wiggly Piano - don't worry its only 14 seconds long
2.10 Farmer Phil talks about Horstine Farmery. By the way listen to The Engaging Brand Podcast with Heather's interview to find out Heather's 8 word legacy - the clue is it ends with "is dead!"
4.15 Heather, Rich and Farmer Phil talk about the Mark Eccleston photo showing Farmer Phil talking to a sunflower..........
7.36 The Team discuss Valerie Elliot's article in The Times about Trichomoniasis in Finches
11.00 Richard talks about the EM Festa in Germany
18.57 The Alpine Horn
20.01 Dr Khalida Usmani from Pakistan
23.35 Monty's Wormcast
The End

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