Podcast 29 Show Notes

Richard has been to English Nature's Wildflife Forum and returns with not one, but four, roving Riccardo reports. But, before that, there is an update on the ongoing debacle that is the Single Farm Payment scheme. The good news is that payments have been made: but only if you're name is Sharon! Phil then tells us about his pea crop and the pests it attracts. Richard talks to Rhian about catering for the first Wiggly Day, but then fails to answer some listeners questions—at least to Heather's satisfaction. Plus a Monty Wormcast to finish.

Here's me having my picture taken for The Mail on Sunday.

I thought Jodie would arrange each worm gradually on my face........but no she dropped the whole lot straight on!! The article will be out on Sunday and is about Small Business and podcasting.

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