Podcast 26 Show Notes

Richard becomes Fractious Fishbourne after losing an argument with a piece of string, then the Team are taken to task over their mis-naming of Mothering Sunday. Phil's cows show their magnetic personalities and Heather interviews the News Editor of Radio Wyvern. Plus a wormcast from Monty to wrap things up.
Catch up on any editions you may have missed in our Podcast Archive at http://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/podcasts/archive.lasso
And here is one listener's email:
I was listening to Richards bit on song birds when my cat Millie got off my knee and went and sat on the back of the chair. As you will see from the photo I have attached, she was totally enthralled by the bird song. So now as well as famous people, politicians and laymen you also have a new feline contingent!
Thanks for some more great listening. I am looking forward to next weeks.
P.S. By the way Richard, Millie doesn't catch birds. Only the mice who are daft enough to venture into our house! Even then she doesn't kill them, just lets them roam around the back of out sofa!
and here is Millie listening to the Wiggly Podcast.

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