Podcast 25 from Wiggly Wigglers

The Clare Short interview from Podcast 23 makes the press, but what a difference the local and national 'papers make of the same story. You can see what The Birmingham Post makes of it here Bokashi Report . Richard gets up early to record the song thrushes at dawn. Down on the farm, Phil's down on his luck as Lord Bach fails to live up to his promises (who would have guessed it?). Richard resorts to bad language brought on by Snakes Head Fritillary of all things. Then, finally, Phil gets to talk dirty as he explains the thinking behind ‘mucking out’. Richard takes on the guise of the roving reporter again, this time at 'In the Cowshed at Night' where Heather gets her own flipchart and reprises her Prince Charles impression. There's a wormcast from Monty and Alison's ‘Plant of the Week’ is Water Mint.
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