Podcast 16 show notes

The great hedgerow row this week. There are several schools of thought on hedges, so this week Richard and Farmer Phil battle through whether it is best to cut your hedges on the farm every year or every three. It may sound very gentle but I can tell you I am supposed to be Harry Carpenter - the commentator and ended up being the referee. They both have some fascinating points to make and of course it makes you think about your own hedges in the garden. So many of us just choose a single species hedge, box, beech etc, I suppose they look so tidy and formal - but variety is undoubtably best for wildlife. Here at Blakemere in the Wiggly Garden we have planted a mixed hedge wiggling (of course) through the middle of the garden. Planted in 2002 its just got to the stage where you cant take a short cut through the middle of it in summer or winter.

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