Planting Potatoes

Whilst potatoes have been eaten in Peru for about 6,000 years, here in the UK we have “only” been eating our favourite vegetable for nearly 500 years.

Potatoes are a great way to prepare soil for the planting of other crops and are easy to grow.

Do not plant potatoes too early when the ground is cold and wet. It is normal to plant your seed potatoes from early March to late April, but some people believe that the time to plant them is on Good Friday

Seed potatoes are those selected as being blemish and disease free. Whilst not strictly necessary, you can leave potatoes to chit prior to planting to encourage sprouting.

Depending on the soil temperature, your potatoes should emerge from the ground after a couple of weeks.

When the plants are about 12 inches high you should bank up the soil along the row to ensure that the potatoes will grow deeply, away from the light, to prevent them going green.

There is a great article about the introduction and growing of potatoes over at Selfsufficientish

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