Our One Four Star Podcast Review

The Wiggly Wigglers Podcast did have 16 reviews on the UK iTunes, and 15 of those were 5 Stars - all Milka Ratings, and one of them was a 4 star, because John of ClanRoberts had a job to hear the sound of our podcasts. Anyway I am pleased as punch today because good ol chap that he must be he has upped his rating to a Five Starrer! Thank you John. Here it is:

This used to be the 4 star review, until I discovered a setting on iTunes to improve the volume. So again settle yourself down into the sitting room of Wiggly Wigglers, join the team to learn more about life running a business, a farm in Herefordshire and how to live and enjoy the wildlife around you. Settle back listen and learn.
P.S Once you have listened you will understand that this should now be rated as Milka!
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