Our new catalogue is out

You can give us a ring to send on 01981 500391 or order one online here:

I hate that plastic covering that is used all the time to send out catalogues and magazines. They have now produced biodegradable product but I believe this isn't the best solution, especially as I think it has to be genetically modified.

Its really difficult to move over to envelopes as they weigh much more and to give you an idea of the impact the difference between sending a catalogue at 100g and a catalogue in an envelope weighing say 200g would be £8000!

Anyway we decided to take the bull by the horns and try sending the catalogue out without any covering at all - BARE!. So far it seems to have worked... we are really pleased as we have saved all that plastic waste, and the cost of packing them:

Here's just a few responses we've had by email:

May I just say what a great idea it was to post out the Wiggly Wigglers
catalogue without using plastic wrap or an envelope. It was a pleasure
to receive it without having anything to recycle or throw away. You may
like to know that it arrived in absolutely perfect condition - no
creases or tears at all.

Can I also compliment you on your new catalogue. I found it very easy to
browse and it looks lovely inside. I have found a good few things I like
and will hopefully be ordering soon.



In response to you sending out catalogues without using envelopes or plastic bags, what a fantastic idea! It works perfectly well. Your latest catalogue arrived in perfect condition and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was my catalogue and I commented to my husband what a good idea it was not to have a jacket. It proves that they are completely unnecessary. Keep up the good work!

just to say I thought posting the catalogue with no plastic was great- I could look at it straight away without tearing plastic and nothing to the land-fill! and it wasn't damaged Alison t

Hi Heather

We have had no internet access for a few weeks but
glad to say we are all hooked up again...not a moment
too soon...I was suffering from withdrawal
symptons...no Wiggly podcast for 5 weeks.
Having updated my podcast subscriptions I settled down
in bed to listen, chuckled a bit laughed out loud and
felt that normality had returned at last...then you
mentioned that the new catalogue was winging its way
to me. i could not believe my luck.
However, having rushed home from work in eager
anticipation for over a week,,my catalogue did not
appear. Today work was so busy I did not ahve time to
think about it at all, and lo and behold my new
catalogue was waiting for me...I've had a quick flick
over a cup of coffee but am now off to bed to read it
in detail and I can't wait.My Ipod updated with
today's podcast, a new wiggly catalogue and next
springs planting to plan and anticipate...life doesn't
bet much better,

Thanks for the podcasts, thanks for making me
smile...time for bed :-))

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