our expanding tiny world

how little we know of our world. today has been microcosm and macrocosm -- the tiny world of an insect nest found several feet down in my compost heap. tiny red jewel-like eggs.

a few weeks ago i went for a long walk in a local park. i strayed a bit off the main path and ended up in the overgrown periphery. i met a woman there who was collecting wild cherries. it was like the park expanded. how fantastic to suddenly find that it has old cherry trees. but how melancholy to think how little we know of the world or perhaps how much we have forgotten-- how many trees could you identify?

rachael writes in response to my tuesday post about forgotten orchards and a project to map existing trees --- layers of time. i think about this in my victorian terrace garden as i'm unearthing victorian rubbish -- best find, a clay pipe stem -- strangest, an old bottle of HP Sauce (with sauce still in!) ha. planting veg where hands have been planting veg since this house was not a house, but open fields.

on a more mundane note, the compost heap has been lovingly restored to its Dalek-composter and i'm hopeful i've got the recipe right for great soil next year!

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