Our Deal of the Month October 2019 - Wormery Rescue Kit Only £35 - Save £4.95!

If you are looking to restart your wormery - whatever make it is this kit will give you a great start. Based on the insides of an Urbalive 500g worms will give your composter a healthy population to start with and the bedding block ensures there is a neutral medium to start them off in before you start to add your kitchen waste. The lime mix helps neutralise the acidity in kitchen waste and the worm treat does exactly what it says on the tin - a few handfuls now and again are a great treat for your wigglers :) Wormery Rescue Kit contains: a bedding block, 2kg Lime Mix, 2kg Worm Treat, a Moisture Mats and Instructions.

Please Select whether you would like to either receive 500g of live Composting Worms with the Kit or if you are giving the Pack as a gift, you can choose to receive a voucher for live worms which you can redeem for free at a later date.


Order Now at https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/wormery-rescue-kit.html

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