Nuffield Web 2.0 for Farmers and Rural Biz

In 2007 I was lucky enough to be awarded a Nuffield Scholarship

In the aftermath of the Second World War Lord Nuffield, Industrialist and Philanthropist, initiated a travelling scholarship scheme for British and Empire farmers, in recognition of their contribution to feeding the nation through the war, and as a method of advancing the best agriculturalist practice around the world.The first 2 scholars were selected in 1947. Jane Kenyon and Edward Stokes from the UK paved the way for some 1000 scholars from eight participating countries that have since travelled the world studying the best agricultural practice wherever it may be. From Brussels to Washington, the paddy fields of Asia and the fantastically productive farmlands in the America’s, to the most sophisticated and technologically advanced farming in the other parts of the world, Nuffield scholars have created an unrivalled network of Agriculturalists that, worldwide, are at the leading edge of their profession. Read moreI studied how Web 2.0 and Social Media could benefit Farmers and Rural Business. You can read the agreed draft of my Nuffield Report here.Let me know what you think...

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