Not sure about The Wiggly Podcast?

If you are thinking to yourself - I cant be bothered to listen in to the Wiggly Podcast - I expect its just a company advert.... maybe you think its more of a country bumpkin production, take a read of our latest review on iTunes.

I'm so pleased that "The Mart-Man" has put up a review - I began to wonder if we would get another! Our listenership is rising but our last review was over a month ago!

Anyway here it is:
"5 stars My weekly dose of farming and I love it.
People who really love what they do. The team at Wiggly Wigglers put out this glorious podcast every Monday, the highlight of my iTunes week.

A too-short snapshot of the workings of an innovative and diverse farm-based business led by the enthusiastic Heather, her of the infectious laugh. She draws the best from those around her. in particular logical debate and knowledge of many environmental and sustainability subjects from Richard, and a down to earth practical farmer's take from the children's telly character named Farmer Phil - surely he should be getting his own animated show soon (actually he is a real person - a real star...sorry Heather).

If you have an interest in modern country life (and if you value our future food production and countryside then you should) then you'll enjoy this podcast and learn a lot from it.

Particular highlights for me were ploughing - I am a nurse in Bristol and I listened with rapt enjoyment to something I'll probably never get to try - and a brilliant debate on shooting as part of country life.

One low point...cats. Don't mention cats."

I reckon that should have inspired you to have a listen, in fact our local hospital is going to play the Wiggly Podcast to their listeners which I think will be really cool. Thank you to The Mart-Man.

Need anymore convincing? surely not but if you really do, we are in the "whats hot" section of iTunes inbetween Chris Evans and the BBC Breakfast Takeaway!

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