Not sure about feeding mealworms to your garden birds?

You already know we feed them every week, and we are also biased because we sell them, so here's what Amber and Nigel think:

Amber wrote this 5 star review on 11 February 2009

I ordered some Wiggly seed and mealworms for the Big Birdwatch. This was the first time I'd used LIVE mealworms so was hoping our busy garden birds would like them. Almost a week later and only the odd worm had gone. I was saddened as even the two robins only took one or two every day.

Suddenly the VERY next day I checked, they were all gone! My partner kindly informed me that our resident blackbird and a family or sparrows had suddenly found the discovery and eaten the lot! :)

I will definitely be buying more as we get the sparrow family back every year! :

Nigel Gilligan wrote this 5 star review on 07 February 2009

We have been handfeeding robins for many years, but we started with breadcrumbs, then heard about mealworms from a specialist shop. One ("Oliver") became so tame, he once sat on my head when I was watching other birds through binoculars. We now have 3 tame female great tits - several will sit on the hand (one at a time!), but only one robin dares. Robin personalities clearly vary greatly, and most of them are less bold than the great tits, which is not really expected.


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