No more Ecover REcover refills

We had a wonderful scheme to refill your 5 litre bottles of ecover....
But all good things have to come to an end, and Ecover have been looking at improving their packaging. Soon, all the 5 litre bottles will move over to compostable, recyclable packaging-  which is indeed wonderful. Not only that, soon Wiggly Wigglers will be selling larger sizes (15 litres) which will cut down even more in terms of wastage and transportation.
However, as they are now phasing out the large barrels (that we fill your refill from) I am afraid we can no longer offer refills to purchase....Ahhhhh BIG SIGH!

You can still buy cost effective Ecover in 5 litres from ourselves here, and as soon as we get the new packaging we will bring those online...

In the meantime Keep Green and Keep Clean!

Here's what ecover says about using Grey Water in your garden:

Can I use grey water for plant and garden watering?

Grey (waste) water is safe to use for to water your plants and garden. However we recommend that if possible you allow the water to 'settle' for 2 - 3 days first. During this time the process of biodegradation will have already started to happen, minimising further the impact to the environment.

So, dear reader we need ideas and tips to pass to folks to reuse their 5 litre ecover plastic bottles.
Tip One: From Rachel. Use your old ecover bottles to tap off your worm liquid into from your can-0-worms! Like it! More please...

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