News from Wiggly Wigglers this week.

This week's Observer magazine has an article by Lucy Siegle who talks about how we need to think about the flowers that we buy. Check it out, she also mentions the Wiggly Bouquets.

We're just setting up our stand (EA15) at Chelsea Flower Show so if you want to meet Richard and our great students from Pershore College of Horticulture we're at Chelsea from Monday to Sunday.
You'll be pleased to hear if you have been waiting for a water butt that the water butt shortage at least at Wiggly Wigglers is...............over! HURRAH! I heard they were making £80 on eBAY! If you've bought one please don't sell it just yet........first of all its raining so save that water and second of all we don't have that many!
The new Wiggly Book written by Jenny Steel is at the printers and will be launched at 2.30pm in Cafe Direct on 1st June at Hay Literary Festival
For the latest reviews on the book check out Wiggly Wigglers

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