New Year's Resolutions from the Wiggly Team

Pam – Not to make any!

Jodie – To cook a recipe from one of her numerous cook books at least once a week. Apparently last night's tasty treat for new husband Anthony was a Delia special, namely Pheasant in cider with apples and cream.

Karen – To be a lean (this will involve some serious dieting!), green, digging, pickling, storing, recycling, blogging machine!

Dan – To earn more money (couldn’t entirely rule out male prostitution to top up funds!!)

Tanya – To get fit enough to do the “Race for Life” again this year.

Here are some others from around the blogosphere that I like. Jeremy Dore at Grow has some beneficial tips on how to really enjoy your gardening, Energy some easy greening tips and Low Impact Living held a Green New Year's Resolution Contest, which yielded a whole host of diverse tips. Wise Bread has some lovely tips headed, "6 New Year's resolutions that will help others and not hurt you financially" which are just plain "nice".

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