My Dream Farm

We were so pleased with our bit in My Dream Farm. You can listen to our interview with Jen and Bek on the Wiggly Sofa here
It was in fact hissing down on the day Jen and Bek came but we all enjoyed it - and even Farmer Phil got in on the act - if you watch carefully you can see him on his John Deere trundling down our drive filled with traffic calming measures - that well known device the speed holes...
If you missed My Dream Farm you can still see it on Channel 4 on Demand!
The Wiggly Florists - Laurie and Hannah have gone into serious training for Mothering Sunday... This involves flexing their secateurs, twirling their ribbons and box making as opposed to kick boxing. Your mum knows you love her - she just likes you to show it...
The Wiggly Florist is proud to use just British Flowers.
Mostly this week we have available
Pussy Willow
Tulips (lots of tulips)
and lots more

A huge well done to Jen and Bek (and indeed to our Laurie), their wedding flowers looked utterly loverly. You can find them at Blooming Green.

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