Mouthwatering mealworms - your top stories

I've noticed that we get some of the most fabulous stories from our customers on our website. The ones about feeding LIVE Mealworms to their garden birds, make me laugh so often that I've decided to share some with you. Here's some lovely ones to start:

Jennette from South Yorkshire wrote this website review on 23 July 2009:

"I have been using mealworms for over a year now feeding the wild birds. But 4 weeks ago my spaniel fetched in a young thrush that had fell out of the nest. She gently put it on the settee next to me. It wasn't injured so we decided to try and bring it on as we didn't know where she had found it, then let it go. We fed it on mealworms which it squawked for every 2 hours, it eventually came and sat on our hand and waited to be fed. It is now old enough to go and is feeding itself. We let it go on Monday and it flew straight on to my shoulder and promptly fell asleep. I think we've got a friend for life and it just loves your mealworms."

Lizzy wrote this 08 July 2009:
"Our male robin follows me around our garden and even into the house when he wants feeding live meal worms. He sits outside the kitchen door and sings until I go to feed him. He is now on his 3rd brood. His mate is very nervous, she won't stay as close as he does."

Aaahh. Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your hearts!

I think we should have a competition for the best LIVE Mealworm tales. Post yours as comments here or email me. At the end of August, we'll choose our favourite, and send you an Observer Mealworm Feeder which sticks to your window, so you can watch their exploits even closer.

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