More mealworm wonders

Another joyful LIVE Mealworm tale from our customers...

Posted on our website by Sue on 24 July 2009:
"I have a lonely young jackdaw - we think he was a 'runt' - who we've named Rudolf because the other jackdaws won't let him join in any jackdaw games ... he loves the worms and flies as close to me as he dares at feeding time. Because he's so tame I wait until he's had enough before I go away - to give him a proper chance at the worms before the other birds get there. He also gets 'top ups' through the day to make sure he's getting a good start in life!"

So of course I had to email Sue and find out how Rudolf is getting on. Here's her reply:

"Rudolf is doing OK – loves his worms, which is why I ordered an extra batch outside of my regular Birdy Box. I tried him on dried ones until the wigglies came; ‘alright, I s’pose’ was his sulky response. I’m not sure what his problem is – he can fly, walk and perch, but he can’t seem to do the usual jackdaw thing of hanging upside down on the peanut feeder, for example, and knocking everything out. Perhaps his legs aren’t as strong as they should be, or perhaps he’s a couple of feathers short of a full wing … But he is getting more confident."

Keep those Mealworm stories coming in. An Observer Mealworm Feeder to the best one, the one that brings a tear to my eye, and makes me smile at the same time!

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