Meet the Wiggly team - Tanya

A recent addition to the Wiggly team is Tanya who is our Accounts Clerk. Tanya, originally from Surrey, relocated to Herefordshire 5 ¬Ω years ago when her husband landed a job working for the racing team Minardi in Ledbury. Tanya, husband Dan and their two young children live in a small village in the south of the county and, after a period of adjustment, are enjoying living in Herefordshire. Whilst in Surrey Tanya worked as a secretary/pa for an insurance broker, but after some time out with the kids fancied a change and was intrigued by the job vacancy at Wiggly Wigglers.

Tanya is a bit of a rock chick on the quiet and likes nothing more than going to see one of her most revered bands (Foo Fighters and Snow Patrol are currently at the top of the list) and her all time favourite music festival is Reading. She says that Glastonbury is too wet and muddy for her liking and she hates camping!!

The Wiggly magic must be rubbing off on Tanya as she is keen to increase her back garden yield from this year’s bumper crop of, …wait for it…, 1 pumpkin and 1 courgette! The pumpkin still awaits its fate so any recipe suggestions would be welcomed! Tanya’s words of gardening wisdom are, “I stick things in and hope they don’t die!”

When I asked Tanya to tell me about the funniest thing that had ever happened to her I knew it was going to be entertaining. She once went the wrong way out of a car park and found herself in a McDonald’s “drive thru”. When the face at the window asked her what she wanted she coolly replied, “I don’t, I’m just driving through."

In Tanya’s limited spare time she is a very keen photographer and has a bit of a fetish for circles, a theme that runs through lots of her pictures. Not quite sure what this says about her, but I am sure that someone out there will know. Tanya likes eating food, especially Indian, but is not so keen to cook and this task often falls to Dan. Riding is another of Tanya’s pastimes and this year she has asked Santa for her very own horse. Dan, however, would like some chickens and a dog. Seems like a fair deal – so how about it Dan?

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