Meet the Wiggly Team

As you put out live food on your bird table have you ever wondered who is responsible for getting it to you in tip top condition? Well, the answer is Noelle, who shares her shed with a few million wriggling mealworms. Noelle, who was born and brought up in County Sligo into a farming family, left Ireland in 1964 to start, what would turn out to be, a long career working in the hotel industry. Her first job was working as a housemaid at The Plough Hotel in Cheltenham, which is now the site of the Regent Shopping Arcade. During her time there she served early morning teas to well known stars such as The Everly Brothers and Acker Bilk. Noelle has been working for Wiggly Wigglers since 2003 when she came here with husband Kevin who landed a job with Farmer Phil. Noelle has been heard to say that it was the best decision she and Kevin ever made.

In addition to weighing and potting up live mealworms and waxworms, Noelle is a bit of a whiz on the stitching machine. She is also responsible for making the lovely nesting products in the Wiggly catalogue. For the wreaths she uses willow frames and covers them with locally sourced materials including feathers and coloured wool from Alison’s Zwartbles sheep. Noelle also gets roped into painting the brightly coloured beehives and bug boxes and takes great pride in making a neat job of it. At home, Noelle and Kevin share their abode with Saphy the golden retriever and Tarn the Border collie who, according to those in the know, are spoilt rotten. When she isn’t out walking the dogs, Noelle enjoys gardening and loves the bright colours of geraniums and dahlias.

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