Marion's Wormy Poem!

Thanks to Marion who says: "I am a 64 year old Wiglet who is very interested in all things good, green and growing,although I leave the wormery to my daughter. Thank you for all your news which I look forward to.
And she has written this corking poem:
'Twas some years ago, when the kiddies were small,
Four children and I were returning from school,
When my five year old son, who was some way ahead,
Plucked a thing from the grass and excitedly said,
"Cor, look at this worm, it's all stretchy and wet,
I wonder how long I can make this worm get?"
Before I could stop him, before our shocked eyes,
He'd pulled at each end 'til he'd doubled its size.
"Let go"we all screamed," that's a cruel thing to do,"
But he just stretched it more 'til it snapped right in two,
Then tossing the bits in a garden, he smiled,
While we stared aghast at the horrible child.
Later that night, after he had been bathed,
I mentioned the worm, but he just sat and laughed.
I banned such behaviour, I tried to explain,
Yet, just a week later, he did it again!!!
But this time I grabbed him and opened his hand,
He grinned as I took out a large rubber band!

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