Love 'em or hate 'em

I got some really funny looks when I brought whole broad bean pods into the office for lunch the other day. They were actually quite tasty, not least because I grew themself. I tried to explain that in Spain in the more rustic bars, you sometimes get handed a plate of beans still in their pods as tapas with your beer. But they weren't convinced!

So I've asked around the office for some recipes to deal with your broad bean gluts. And here we are (no quantities or proper instructions!):

From Tanya:
Boil them and then mix with fried garlic, pine nuts and pesto. Apparantly that's how the Wiggly accounts wizz gets her children to eat brussell sprouts too. Wierd!

From Karen:
Just shove them in the steamer.

From me (actually I got this off the telly the other night, but I have tried it and its absolutely delicious! Thanks
Valentine Warner):
Boiled for 3 mins then peeled, then chucked in a fritatta with fried red onions, fresh mint and feta cheese (I used goats cheese and it was just as yummy). So good, I've had it twice already.

From Rach:
"No. I hate them. My Dad was a market gardener and when we came from school we had to pick them. So now I can't stand them."

Oh well. I might even be organised enough this year to see to plant some in the Autumn and see if that makes them earlier. More seasonal Wiggly recipes to come...

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