LEAF farmers rule!

I was pleased to meet several LEAF Farmers up in Northumberland last week. And in fact there was a fellow Blogger. Now its not often you meet a fellow blogger (unless you at a Blogger Conference) but to meet a fellow Farmer Blogger is most unusual indeed. This website is sooo cool and Helen and Johnny host lots and lots of school visits to their working farm. In fact Bellshill Farm is a LEAF demonstration farm.
And yesterday I was pleased to talk to John Wilson on the phone from Whitelee Farm
where he farms and runs 3 stunning holiday cottages, where you can watch the local wildlife on the tele with live CamBoxes without Bill Oddie!!! I'm really pleased as he is piloting Bokashi Buckets inside one of the cottages with a Convertor outside to run along side the bins. He'll keep us informed. We use Bokashi Bins here in the house and in the Wiggly Office - they're foolproof - Rach says. And if Rach says....its right

Here she is, just about to burst into song I think!

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