Latest iTune review for The Wiggly Podcast

Five Stars
What a way to inspire by shotokai

"I came across this podcast after clicking the science and tecg section in iTunes. It was featured and the name struck a chord with me. It sounded quirky and like one of those podcasts which are full of useful information.

The format of the show gives the mind a warm Aga to sit by with a cup of tea and good company.

I would definitely recommend this. As someone who grew up in the country (though forestry and sheep farming were bigger than cereals), and has been away for three years (in Japan), I thank the team for giving me a clice of home comfort.
Plus it's helping me remember all that landscape management I studied at uni!"

Thank you Shotokai, have a listen in to Podcast 72 when it comes out. We have included a sheepish section just for you!

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