Kingfisher from Podchef

Podchef's new comment on your post "Extra time to plant your hedge....but not much!":

All too common are the "kingfisher with wind" sounds on our otherwise unspoilt airspace. Somedays we seem to be under some sort of international hub of plane traffic. They all seem to appear just when the microphone is on.

Yes, a Weber is a barbeque/kettle grill. An oil drum splint in half, hinged with a place for the grate works great as well.

A video cast of Hedging, or Cowshed at night--you're on to something there. . . .the world would be at your door, so to speak.

The "chefshow" was brilliant. I didn't know what to expect and I certainly didn't intend on rabbiting on and on and on about Podcasting, but that is exactly what people wanted to know about. I fair talked myself hoarse droning on about podcasting, sustainability, and even--to an Oxford Don, and Raymond Blanc--a little business wot podcasts from the wilds of Herefordshire. . . .

NB Note from Heather, it wouldnt let me publish the original comment...sorry so I copied and pasted it. Heather

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