Why not order one of our Gift Subscriptions!

Choose from a range of our bestselling Birdy treats sent to arrive for the next three months, a whole season of feeding. It’s the ideal way to give a gift that lasts for months without one big pre-payment, you’ll be charged each month for 3 months. We’ve picked 11 of our favourite wiggly bird foods, including suets, seed mixes and live mealworms - all available in a bunch of different quantities to suit your budget.

We recommend Fats and Suets for looking after birds in winter, Live Mealworms for winter and spring, and seed mixes are for year-round feeding. Or why not send our Wiggly Birdy Box for the next 3 months? It’s always got a range of different seeds, feeds and suets tailored to the months. PLUS with our subscriptions you’ll also save 10% on the regular price.

View the full range and order online here https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/collections/gift-subscriptions if you have any questions you can always drop us an email to wiggly@wigglywigglers.co.uk

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