Its not funny, but it is money off for Red Nose Day...


Place an order today - Friday 13th. When you fill in your details in the Wiggly Voucher Code box: rednoseday and you will get a £2 discount off your order. We will find all those codes today and match them with £2 ourselves for Comic Relief.

Q and A's

Q: Can I share this code with my friends and on the web?

A: You can indeed, let whomever you can know that this is an easy way to raise a bit of dosh for Red Nose Day. We will be MOST pleased to have some new Wigglets and more than pleased to donate some extra £2's

Q: Can I use the code more than once?

A: No - its just one discount per household on one day - TODAY!

Q: Is there a minimum order value?

A: Yep just £10.

Q: Have you got any ideas on what I could order?

A: Squillions, try Deal of the Day

Q: Can I order my Mum's flowers today for delivery next week and still get the discount for myself and the Wiggly donation to Comic Relief!

A: You can and here is a preview of the e-news - sign up for all the corking discounts and we have a Mother's Day linky thingy too.

And finally...

What do you get if you cross a glow worm with some beer?

Light ale!

Wiggle On


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