It's a Friday Eggstravaganza!

I was very excited on Sunday to find our first goose egg - it is HUGE. I thought I’d post a picture of a small sample of the eggs that we get from our girls. The ducks are laying like things possessed now so I made a baked egg custard last night with 8 eggs and 2 pints of milk. It's so large that we will need to invite some friends over for a bite, or two, to eat!

Back row (left to right): Goose Egg (Embden), Duck Egg (Aylesbury) and Duck Egg (Silver Appleyard).

Front row (left to right): Chicken Egg (Marans), Bantam Egg (Lavender Pekin) and Bantam Egg (Dutch Bantam – Gold Partridge).

We now have two goose eggs to try – one each for breakfast on Sunday I think!

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