How to get a Wiggly Discount...

Dear All

There are a few ways of ensuring that you get whatever offers are happening at Wiggly Wigglers and in these carrot luncher times we try and make sure we pass all offers that we can straight on to you. Sometimes our supplier comes to us with a promotional wotsit (Ecover have just been in with one such deal which will be available in a couple of weeks). Sometimes we overstock on a product - we have just given away several boxes of Truffles worth £10, and sometimes we dip in our own pockets - like discounts on mealworms when the weather was really cold and those chirpy cheep cheeps needed extra food...

So here are the ways to ensure that you are in:

1: Here is our latest e-news where you can get several discounts. To get these deals all the time you will need to sign up for our e-news here.

2: Deal of the Day Keep your eyes on our home page - there is a different deal every day - or subscribe to the RSS feed.

3: Join all the other Wiggly Groupies on our Facebook Group - here...

4: Find and follow me on Twitter - my user name is wiggled.

Bye for now


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