Hey Mr Robin!

Wiggly customer Dawn just sent in these wonderful photos and describes how her garden birds appreciate their mealworms:

"Our main client is a very friendly robin that has been visiting since last year - he greets us every morning and often sings for his grubs & takes them from the hand.

In the spring he brought his wife along and she also took grubs from us and it was a very hectic time keeping up with their family's demands! We would often work in the garden and have both robins flitting around hoping for grubs - landing on tools and even at the breakfast table!

Keep up the good work of providing these things - although we have some beetles and a large tub with baby wigglers there is no way we can keep up with demand!

It is so wonderful to be able to have the trust of a wild creature and to be able to photograph it without disturbing it - he is a wonderful poser and at times seeks out the lens when he see the camera, I am sure he checks himself out! No doubt he will adorn many a Christmas card.

I have attached a couple more photos that may amuse - for one I turned around and saw him sunbathing next to me after a busy morning feeding his family, the other was taken in early spring when he was wooing his lady."

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